why furnishing genes are important

3 Reasons Why Furnishing Genes are important

Why Furnishing Genes are important when breeding Cavoodles, Oodles and any Poodle mixes:

Recently, DNA testing for coat traits has become available to breeders and the best oodle breeders are utilising this testing to improve the coats of their puppies. Without understanding the genetics of how coat traits are inherited, it’s difficult for a breeder to produce puppies that are non-shedding and hypoallergenic.

double furnished stud dog
Our mahogany ruby red double furnished Toy Poodle stud – ‘Fonzie’

Why two teddy bear coated Oodles can have short haired puppies and Why Furnishing Genes are important

A Cavoodle or oodle carries one of the following genetic coat combinations:

  • two furnishing genes
  • two improper coat genes
  • one furnishing gene and one improper coat gene

If your Cavoodle or oodle female is first generation and has a teddy bear coat, she will be carrying one furnishing gene and one improper coat gene. If she is paired with another first generation or F1b male Cavoodle stud, who also carries one copy of improper coat (highly likely), 25% of the Cavoodle puppies from this pairing will be short haired.

If you’re wanting to breed Cavoodle puppies that are non-shedding and look like teddy bears, using a double furnished stud dog is critical.

How to tell if a Cavoodle stud dog is double furnished

All first generation Cavoodle studs only carry one copy of the furnishing gene – they will produce some smooth coated puppies in their breedings. F1b Cavoodle studs have a 50% chance of carrying one copy of the furnishing gene. Most poodle studs carry two copies of the furnishing gene, however this is not always the case (check DNA testing results for a stud dog’s furnishing status).

Therefore, if you’re wanting to breed teddy bear coated Cavoodles, only use stud dogs that have two furnishing genes and check that this has been confirmed by DNA testing. 

why furnishing genes are important
An example of a DNA report from our chocolate and white Poodle stud dog ‘Cino‘ – showing his double furnishing status (FF).

The Furnishing or Improper Coat DNA test

A Cavoodle (or any oodle) needs to inherit one copy of a furnishing gene from a parent in order to have a teddy bear coat (coat all over their body, head and on their muzzle, face and legs). Cavoodles that don’t inherit furnishing genes are smooth or flat-coated and will usually shed heavily. Both Cavoodle parents having a teddy bear coat doesn’t guarantee that their puppies will. If each parent only carries one furnishing gene, 25% of their puppies will be short or smooth-coated Cavoodles that shed heavily.

Curly Coat DNA test

Poodles and oodles carry curly coat genes. Cavoodle puppies need only inherit one curly coat gene to have a curly coat that is low to non-shedding. A curly coat gene combined with a furnishing gene will ensure that your Cavoodle breeding will successfully produce teddy bear Cavoodles.

Shedding gene DNA test

This genetic test needs to be considered in relation to the results of the furnishings test and the curly coat test. A dog that inherits a furnishing gene and a curly coat gene from a parent, will not be high shedding, even if they carry two copies of the shedding gene. The shedding gene becomes significant and informative when a dog doesn’t carry any furnishing or curl genes.

Why Furnishing Genes are important in an Oodle Stud Dog

Knowing the furnishing or improper coat status of a stud dog is vital when making your Cavoodle breeding selection. If a stud dog hasn’t been tested for furnishings or improper coat, you’re highly likely to have a litter of Cavoodle puppies with at least 25% of the pups having short hair  and being high shedding (like a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel). By making sure you use a quality ‘double furnished’ poodle, Cavoodle or oodle stud, you’re ensuring all puppies in your litter will have a teddy bear coat that is low to non-shedding.

The exception – Weak Coat Furnishings

Some double furnished stud dogs, will carry one or two copies of weak furnishings. These dogs will produce puppies with thin, wispy coats. The puppies will still have coat on their muzzles, legs etc but it will be a thinner coat and won’t ever grow to be a thick luxurious fleece.

Smooth/Short/Flat Coated Oodles – Why Furnishing Genes are important

A smooth coated Cavoodle

We’ve all seen a low-maintenance but high-shedding smooth-coated oodle, whether that be a short-haired Cavoodle or flat coated Groodle. They have a short coat on their face and legs and resemble their smooth-coated parent but with a narrower face and longer snout, inherited from the poodle parentage.

Smooth coated oodle and what they look like –

  • Cavoodle – resembles the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in terms of coat but generally has a narrower snout.
  • Groodle – resembles the Golden Retriever with its silky coat that sheds, face is longer like the poodle.
  • Bordoodle – resembles the Border Collie but with a more wiry/wispy coat, particularly if the border collie parent is short-haired (working variety) as opposed to having a thick show coat.

Why Furnishing Genes are important – Conclusion

double furnishings
An example of a short-haired oodle puppy. Note the short hair on muzzle, legs and wispy coat through the body.

A stud dog that carries one furnishing gene will produce short haired Cavoodle puppies. Not all Cavoodle, poodle and oodle stud dogs have been tested for furnishings and improper coat. If you’re wanting to produce low to non-shedding puppies; when planning a Cavoodle breeding, ensure that you’re utilising the stud services of a double furnished (DNA test confirmed) stud dog.

If you’re wanting to breed short haired Cavoodles or Oodles, breed back to a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for a stockier type or a first generation Cavoodle stud if you want a mix of short and longer haired puppies. The Cavalier will carry no copies of furnishings while the F1 Cavoodle stud will carry one. Breeding to a double furnished poodle stud, will ensure you don’t breed short haired oodle puppies and highlights Why Furnishing Genes are important.

Studdogsonline only have double furnished stud dogs available for service. All of our stud dogs have been genetically tested for improper coat (short hair genes) and do not carry the improper coat variant.

furnished oodle puppy
A beautifully furnished Oodle puppy from ‘Piccolo’ our double furnished Poodle stud dog. If you want to breed teddy bear cavoodles, coat trait genetics highlights Why Furnishing Genes are important.

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