Cavoodle stud service Sydney, NSW, Australia

Ruby Red Toy Poodle Stud Sydney, NSW

Fonzie is a purebred Mahogany Ruby Red Toy Poodle Stud. He is our smallest stud and is famous for producing the cutest, tiny ruby-coloured Toy Cavoodle puppies.



25cm to the top of the shoulder

Stud Fee:



DNA tested Clear Animal Genetics

Double Furnished (Produces non-shedding teddy bear-coated oodle puppies).

Dominant Red – produces stunning shades of ruby to red puppies but to females that cannot produce red, he has the added genetic advantage of also carrying phantom and sable. 

Other Health Testing:

PennHIP Hip Scored with better-than-breed average results.


The cuddly clown of our pack. Gravitates towards our children and loves being carried around and doted on by them. Doesn’t display any separation anxiety-related behaviours. 


Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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MEET FONZIE - The red toy poodle stud that makes everyone laugh. He's the smallest of the pack and his favourite people in the world are our children.

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A typical 'Oodle' Puppy Sired by Fonzie - Stunning Toy Cavoodle puppies bred by our client Tully & Co Cavoodles & Moodles

Ruby Red Toy Poodle Stud Services for all breeds

Fonzie the Toy Poodle Stud is an increasingly popular young stud producing healthy puppies for ethical breeders in Australia. He has a reputation for producing rich ruby colouring and true-to-size Toy Cavoodles. His outgoing and friendly personality also shines through in his progeny.

Bookings are essential as he is only offered to a limited number of clients each month.

Natural matings are available with similar-sized females up to about 6kg for shorter females. Artificial insemination is available onsite at no extra cost.

Available to all breeds but is a popular choice for breeders producing Toy Cavoodles, Toy/ Mini Labradoodles, Toy / Mini Groodles, Toy Spoodles, Toy/ Mini Bordoodles, Bichoodles, Moodles and more.

Fonzie the toy poodle stud's sperm can be chilled or frozen

Fonzie’s toy poodle stud services are located in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Frozen and chilled semen can be arranged for shipping all over Australia. Contact us for pricing and process.

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Fonzie the toy poodle stud is fully health tested and a well-proven sire. We take limited monthly bookings. Express your interest today by filling in the form below.

Health-tested and Proven Poodle / Oodle Stud Services in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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