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We have an excited guardian home dog looking for a family to love! Do you love the look of our handsome stud dogs? Are you passionate about small to mini-sized Oodles that are non-shedding and teddy bear-coated? Would you like to join us in helping to promote ethical breeding practices?

If you live within 30 minutes of Emu Plains, NSW; our Guardian Dog Program allows you to look after and love as your own, one of our stunning stud dogs. We offer our guardian home dogs discounted 6-weekly grooming at our home, 24/7 support and the benefit of our 30 years of experience.

Guardian homes receive up to 20% of any stud fees that the stud dog earns while they are part of the guardian program (20% if the guardian transports the dog to the breeder when required for breeding or 10% if the breeder is required to collect the dog from the guardian’s home).

We have some exciting opportunities for a family to love and care for one of our stud dogs, while they are occasionally used for stud services.

Benefit from our experience, knowledge and connections by caring for one of our stud dogs. Work with us, to make dog breeding practices more ethical, by offering a stud dog, a full and happy life.

By joining our team, you will receive discounted 6-weekly grooming, training assistance and 24/7 support. Our Guardian Homes also receive financial benefits from any stud services the dog fulfils to go towards the care of the dog and to reward you for your participation in our program.

If you live within a 30-minute drive from Emu Plains, NSW and would like to know more about our guardian home program, please contact us by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.

You will need to own your home (no renters) and not be planning to move within the next 5 years.

Guardian Home Dog Program Requirements

  1. The guardian home should have experience owning and caring for dogs.
  2. The breeder must be notified immediately in the event of any illness or injury to the guardian dog.
  3. The Guardian must own their own home and not be living in a rental property.
  4. Live within a 30-minute drive of Emu Plains, NSW and have no plans to relocate outside this range for the duration of the agreement (from 3-7 years depending on the agreement).
  5. Any other dogs that reside at the guardian home’s place of residence must be desexed.
  6. The breeder shall have unlimited use of the stud dog for the duration of the agreement. The guardian must make the stud dog accessible at short notice (12-36 hours).
  7. If the stud dog isn’t already trained to do so, the guardian home must train the puppy to walk on the leash and understand basic obedience commands such as sit and recall. The dog must also be crate trained by 6 months of age.
  8. If you are planning to go away the breeder needs to be informed so we can organise accommodation for the stud dog if the stud dog is required for breeding at that time.
  9. The guardian home must not be involved in a guardian home contract with another breeder while involved in our Guardian Home Dog Program.

  10. Our stud dogs have soft, non-shedding coats that require regular brushing and combing. The guardian home can opt for a short hairstyle, to make maintenance brushing easier. Whichever grooming style the guardian home chooses, they will be required to keep the stud dog’s coat matt (knot) free.
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FAQ – Guardian Home Dog Program

  1. What does it cost to become a guardian home for one of your stud dogs? There is no upfront cost. We retain ownership of the dog until the agreement ends and they are desexed, at which time ownership transfers over to the guardian.
  2. What age is a guardian home dog when they join their family? A Guardian home dog can be an adult or a puppy. We sometimes have older stud dogs looking for a guardian home. We also sometimes have an 8-12-week-old puppy looking for a guardian home.
  3. Who transports the dog when it is needed for breeding? The guardian will need to be able to transport the dog to us in Emu Plains when it is needed for breeding. There is no need for the guardian to stay while the breeding takes place. If it is not possible for the guardian to transport the stud dog, the breeder will collect the dog, but only 10% of the stud fee will be paid to the guardian, as opposed to 20% if the Guardian transports the dog to the breeder and picks it up when the breeding is completed.
  4. What happens if the guardian home can no longer keep the dog? The dog will go back to the breeder if the guardian home can no longer care for it.
  5. Are Guardian homes in dog breeding cruel? Our Guardian dogs are usually very familiar with our home, either being born here or spending some time with us in their initial training and socialisation period. When possible, we also welcome our guardian dogs back for a board and train if their family goes on holiday. We love having our guardian dogs come to stay with us. So, while there may be concerns about the potential for exploitation or mistreatment in guardian home programs; reputable breeders prioritise the well-being of their dogs and carefully select guardian families who are committed to providing a loving and responsible home. It’s essential for breeders to have transparent policies and clear communication with guardian families to ensure that the arrangement is beneficial for all parties involved. When done ethically and responsibly, guardian home programs can be a humane and effective way to care for breeding dogs while also providing them with a loving home environment.
  6. What happens if I change my mind and cannot part with my dog for breeding purposes? We retain full legal ownership of the stud dog until they are retired from our breeding program. Guardians have a legal obligation to abide by the Guardian Home Contract. Stud dogs only come back to us for an hour or so to fulfil their breeding obligations. Unlike, female breeding dogs, they do not stay with us for weeks on end.

Overall, taking on a guardian home dog can be a fulfilling and enriching experience, offering numerous benefits for both you and the dogs involved. It allows you to play a meaningful role in the lives of breeding dogs while enjoying the companionship and love of a well-bred dog.

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Why join our guardian home dog program?

Becoming a guardian home for a dog breeder can be a rewarding experience for individuals or families who are passionate about dogs and committed to responsible pet ownership.

Here are several reasons why you might consider becoming a guardian home:

  1. Make a Difference: By participating in a guardian home program, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of breeding dogs. You play a crucial role in providing them with a loving home environment and ensuring their health, well-being, and happiness.

  2. Companionship: As a guardian home, you get to enjoy the companionship and love of a well-bred dog without the financial burden of purchasing a puppy outright. You become an integral part of the dog’s life and have the opportunity to form a strong bond with them.

  3. Discounted 6-weekly Grooming: Our non-shedding Oodle stud dogs require weekly maintenance brushing and combing to keep their coats in top condition. Weekly brushing and combing will be the responsibility of the guardian, but we offer our Guardian Stud Dogs discounted 6-weekly grooms which include a wash, blow dry and clip. 
  4. Support Responsible Breeding Practices: Guardian home programs promote responsible breeding practices by providing breeding dogs with individualised care and loving homes. By participating in such programs, you contribute to the welfare of breeding dogs and support, small-scale ethical breeding practices.

  5. Access to High-Quality Dogs: Our Guardian homes have access to dogs from our network of reputable breeders with excellent bloodlines and health clearances. This means you have the opportunity to raise and care for a well-bred, beautiful dog that comes from healthy, genetically sound lines.

  6. Financial Benefits: Our guardian homes receive a % of the proceeds from breeding-related activities (20% if they transport the dog to the breeder when required for breeding or 10% if the breeder needs to collect the dog). 

  7. Educational Opportunities: Participating in a guardian home program can be a valuable learning experience, especially for individuals interested in dog breeding, genetics, training, and canine health. You have the opportunity to work closely with our experienced breeders and gain insights into the world of responsible dog breeding.

  8. Supportive Community: Guardian dog homes often become part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share a love for dogs and a commitment to responsible pet ownership. You have the opportunity to connect with other guardian families, share experiences, and receive guidance and support from the breeder and fellow participants.

  9. Fulfilment and Satisfaction of Helping Breeding Programs: By opening your home to a breeding dog, you become an integral part of the breeder’s program and contribute to the continuation and improvement of the companion dogs that are produced. Your involvement helps ensure the future success and sustainability of our breeding program.

  10. Opportunity to Co-Own a top stud dog: In some cases, guardian homes may have the opportunity to co-own a potential breeding prospect with us. This allows you to be actively involved in the dog’s stud career and breeding endeavours while sharing the responsibilities and rewards with us.

  11. Long-Term Relationship with Breeder: Participating in our guardian home dog program often leads to a long-term relationship with us, built on trust, respect, and mutual appreciation. You have the opportunity to collaborate with us on breeding-related decisions and share in the joys and successes of the dog you care for.


What’s involved in being a Guardian Home for a stud dog?

  1. Siring Litters: If you choose to join our Guardian Dog Home Program for one of our stud dogs, you’ll be responsible for ensuring the stud dog is available when needed. This can be at short notice for breeding-related activities, such as matings or semen collections. 

  2. Ensuring the stud dog is kept away from intact females: Guardian homes must not have un-desexed female or male dogs on their property. Desexed male and desexed female dogs of suitable breeds will be considered upon application.
  3. Stud Service Responsibilities: Ensuring the breeder has access to the stud dog when needed. Ideal stud dog guardian homes will live within a 30-minute drive from Emu Plains, NSW.  This requires planning and coordination with the breeder. The breeder will provide appropriate facilities and supervision during mating.


Guardian Home Dog Contract

Our guardian home contract for a stud dog typically outlines the rights, responsibilities, and expectations of both the stud dog owner and the guardian home.

While the specifics may vary depending on the situation, here are some common elements that may be included in our contracts:

  1. Guardian Home Agreement: A formal agreement between the stud dog owner and the guardian home outlining the terms and conditions of the arrangement.

  2. Description of the Stud Dog: Details about the specific stud dog being placed in the guardian home, including the dog’s breed, age, sex, colour, microchip and any identifying characteristics.

  3. Ownership and Registration: Clarification of ownership rights, with the stud dog owner (us) retaining legal ownership of the dog until certain conditions are met (e.g., completion of breeding obligations). Information about registration papers and whether the dog will be registered in the breeder’s (stud dog owner) name or co-owned with the guardian home.

  4. Breeding Obligations: If the stud dog is intended for breeding, specifics regarding the breeding obligations, including the number of years that the dog will be used as a stud dog for breeding, and the responsibilities of the guardian home during the breeding life of the stud dog.

  5. Health and Veterinary Care: Expectations for maintaining the stud dog’s health, including requirements for regular yearly veterinary check-ups, vaccinations and preventive care (e.g., flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention). Specific health testing or clearances that are required by the stud dog owner such as hip scoring or DNA testing will be paid for and organised by the breeder.

  6. Nutrition and Exercise: Guidelines for providing appropriate nutrition, exercise, and care to ensure the dog’s overall health and well-being. This may include recommendations for feeding schedules, types of food, training programs, and exercise routines.

  7. Spay/Neuter Agreement: If applicable, details about whether the stud dog will be spayed or neutered either before or after completing their breeding career, and who will be responsible for the associated costs.

  8. Guardian Home Responsibilities: Clear delineation of the guardian home’s responsibilities, including providing a safe and loving home environment, socialisation, training, grooming, and regular communication with the breeder.

  9. Visits and Inspections: Terms regarding breeder visits or inspections to ensure the dog’s welfare and compliance with the agreement. This may include scheduled visits to the guardian home by the breeder or their representatives.

  10. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure: Agreement to maintain confidentiality regarding breeding program details, proprietary information, and any other sensitive information shared between the breeder and the guardian home.

  11. Signature and Date: Signatures of both parties (breeder/stud dog owner and guardian home) acknowledging their agreement to the terms outlined in the contract, along with the date of signing.

It’s important for both parties to thoroughly review the contract, ask any questions, and ensure that they fully understand and agree to the terms before signing. Clear communication and mutual trust are essential for a successful guardian home arrangement.


Guardian Home Dog Program Pros:

  1. Healthier Environment: Dogs in guardian homes live in loving family environments rather than in kennels or breeding facilities, leading to better socialisation, reduced stress, and overall improved health. Dogs and puppies that spend time in puppy farms have decreased lifespans and more behaviour problems

  2. Individualised Care: Guardian home dogs receive individualised care and attention, including regular veterinary care, proper nutrition, and opportunities for exercise and mental stimulation.

  3. Extended Family Life: After their breeding careers, stud dogs are desexed and continue to live with their families as beloved pets, enjoying a fulfilling life beyond their breeding responsibilities.

  4. Reduced Stress for Breeders: Guardian home programs allow breeders to reduce the number of dogs they care for and manage, leading to lower stress for the breeder and their dogs. This allows reputable breeders to focus their attention on their breeding program.

  5. Responsible Breeding Practices: Guardian home programs demonstrate a commitment to responsible breeding practices and the welfare of breeding dogs by providing them with loving homes and individualised care.

  6. Enhanced Socialisation: Dogs in guardian homes are exposed to a variety of social situations, including positive interactions with people of different ages, other pets, and various environments, leading to better socialisation and temperament.

  7. Stronger Bond with Guardian Families: Guardian home dog programs create strong bonds between breeders and guardian families, fostering a sense of partnership and trust in the care and well-being of the stud dog.


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