Phantom toy poodle stud

Finding the top stud dogs for your breeding program

Evaluating a stud dog

When searching for a stud dog it’s important to consider whether the owner of the stud has tested the dog’s genetics in their own breeding program. This experience is critical to being able to evaluate what the stud has to offer to other breeders.

Dog Breeding Experience

We have 30 years of experience in breeding, training, showing and raising dogs – we are well positioned to select healthy, good natured and conformationally sound stud dogs for our breeding program. We wouldn’t offer a dog at stud that we wouldn’t use in our own breeding program.

It has taken a lot of time and effort to acquire our stud dogs and we have removed dogs from our breeding program for faults such as base narrow canines, loose hips, luxating patellas, anxious temperament etc which are becoming increasingly common among poodle mixes in Australia.

Fully health tested poodle stud dogs

Our stud dogs are DNA tested through Orivet and they are hip and elbow X rayed and scored by a specialist vet. Other health checks include heart, eyes, patellar, ears, skin etc.

Health tests include –

  • All our stud dogs are 100% clear of all currently testable DNA diseases
  • Hip and Elbow scores are better than breed averages
  • Copies of test results are provided to clients, who can then include the results in their puppy packs
  • Our stud dogs are vet checked yearly
  • Up to date with worming, flea treatments and vaccinations
  • Semen is regularly analysed by our reproduction specialist vet to ensure our dogs are fully fertile

Onsite AI (artificial insemination) – no extra fee

Whilst our boys will reliably mate naturally sometimes it is not possible for a number of reasons –

  • Aggressive or anxious female
  • Size difference
  • Anatomy of female

It’s important to understand that sometimes dogs will need some help when breeding for the first time. You can rest assured knowing our studs will produce an excellent semen sample for collection which can then be inseminated onsite (at no extra charge). We’re also 20 minutes from our vet who specialises in reproduction for AI or TCI (Transcervical insemination) – at your cost.

During Covid lockdown, we can meet at Colyton Vet for contactless stud services or ship chilled semen to your local repro vet.

Proven genetics – producing non-shedding teddy bear coats

Being registered breeders ourselves, we use our stud dogs in our own breeding program. They have produced healthy, conformationally and mentally sound puppies that have grown to be cherished family companions and therapy dogs for people living with depression, anxiety and autism.

Our top stud dogs are prized for their non-shedding teddy bear coats, calm temperaments and for producing puppies with hypoallergenic curly and fleece coats.

Colour genetics – we can help!

After considering things like health, temperament, size and coat type of the stud, research what colours your breeding female carries and what colours the stud dog produces. Having an understanding of the DNA results from your stud will allow you to determine what colours he will produce when paired with your bitch.

What colours does the stud carry?

Our stud dogs carry various colours and one of our toy poodle boys ‘Midas‘ is capable of producing a rainbow of colours; including red, chocolate, chocolate phantom, silver phantom, black & tan phantom and silver (see his DNA coat colour profile below).

Phantom toy poodle stud

Our Phantom toy poodle stud – ‘Midas’

Coat colour genetics - phantom poodle stud

Coat colour genetics – phantom poodle stud

Midas’ DNA report shows that he carries red (E locus ‘e’), chocolate (Brown locus ‘bc’), silver/blue (D locus ‘d’), phantom (K locus ‘k’) and tan points (A locus ‘at’). Hence he can produce a myriad of stunning colours!

Understanding dog behaviour

We are dog trainers and have studied dog behaviour. We have a private, quiet, clean, concreted outdoor area where the dogs can run, play, sniff and get to know each other before mating. We have found this helps calm even the most nervous of girls and we avoid overwhelming them by keeping our stud on leash until they feel completely comfortable in their surroundings.

Our first priority is always to ensure that the female dog is comfortable and relaxed during the breeding process. A big part of this process and our clients’ success lies in determining the optimal time for mating.


The female dog is most receptive when she has ovulated and we never subject a bitch to a stud dog mounting her unless she has been confirmed to be ovulating by progesterone testing. Some more experienced breeders know their dog’s cycle because they have bred her before and know roughly when she ovulates – this is still risky as ovulation can vary from cycle to cycle.

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