Finding a Cavoodle Stud & How to Stud your Dog

So, you’ve decided that you’d like to make a litter of cavoodles from your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Poodle or Cavoodle girl and you need to find a Cavoodle Stud. Perhaps, this was a decision you made because all your friends have fallen in love with your dog and want one of her puppies!


Whether your intention always was to breed with your dog when you purchased them or breeding is something that you’ve more recently taken an interest in; if they enjoy good health and have a wonderful temperament, you might start searching for a suitable Cavoodle stud or perhaps stud out your own dog.

Similarly, a frequently asked question we receive is “How do I stud my dog?”. We’ve compiled your stud dog questions and answered them in this blog post.

Some things to consider

How much is a Cavoodle Stud?

A Cavoodle Stud fee can be as cheap as $400 and as much as $1500. It’s important to keep in mind that anyone can offer their male dog as a Cavoodle Stud; there is no regulation in the offering of stud dog services and so breeders searching for a stud dog should do their research and due diligence. Cavoodle Stud dogs should be DNA tested and ethical stud dog owners also have their dogs hips scored.

Cavoodles can be affected by hip dysplasia and hip scoring is a simple and relatively affordable health test. Considering that potential vet bills can run into the thousands for surgically correcting each pup that grows to suffer the crippling effects of this hereditary condition, it’s surprising that most Cavoodle Stud dog owners don’t hip score their dogs.

What does stud mean for dogs?


A stud in the world of dog breeding refers to the male dog that is kept entire to breed with. A stud dog owner might only breed with their own females and or they might offer their dog at public stud to clients. Clients can be local, interstate or potentially worldwide, thanks to reproductive technologies such as chilled and frozen semen that enable male sperm to be preserved, transported and inseminated.

How do I find a male Cavoodle Stud?

While finding a Cavoodle Stud can be as simple as searching “cavoodle stud near me”, this won’t necessarily deliver the best stud dog for your breeding plans. Similarly, online classifieds such as Trading Post, Gumtree, and Craigslist are popular places for male stud dog services to be advertised. A responsible stud dog owner will enquire about the health of your female, her weight, genetics, temperament etc to determine if they have a stud that is compatible.

Whether you’re searching for a cavoodle stud in Sydney, Canberra, Queensland, Melbourne, NSW, Brisbane, Perth or the Gold Coast you need not be limited by your location. Chilled semen: sperm that is collected by a reproduction specialist vet, analysed for quality, mixed with extender and packaged in an esky, can be shipped anywhere in Australia.

Are Cavoodles easy to breed?


Cavoodles will generally mate and whelp naturally but problems can arise when a stud that is larger than the female is used. Using a stud dog that is larger than your female can result in her having difficulty whelping the puppies and you risk having a cesarean. Before making the decision to breed your cavoodle, research the costs involved in dog breeding.

Some female cavoodles won’t allow a male to mount them and require artificial insemination to be bred with. Artificial insemination is a simple process that is equally as effective as a natural mating in achieving pregnancy but offers the added benefit of being able to analyse the semen quality before inseminating.

Any breed of dog can be difficult to breed if the timing of the mating or insemination is carried out blindly. Progesterone testing allows breedings to be carried out at the optimal time, taking out the guess work for breeders.

What is a typical stud fee for dogs?

Stud fees can vary from $300 and many thousands for the most highly sought after genetics. Show dogs, obedience, agility, performance, working dogs, herding, police greyhounds etc are among some of the most expensive stud dog services available. Dogs bred for these sports and purposes are selected for their outstanding conformation, training and temperament; these genetics are highly sought after in Australia and around the world.

A stud fee should include up to two matings or inseminations. Chilled and frozen semen have extra costs associated with processing, transport and handling. To freeze a stud dog’s sperm, reproduction vets generally charge around $500. To chill sperm, the vet fee is usually $300 and it lasts 3-5 days refrigerated.

What does the stud owner get?

The stud dog owner provides a service from their male; a service can be a natural mating or artificial insemination. In return for this stud service, male dog owners receive a stud fee. The cost of a stud fee is determined by the dog’s genetics, health testing, titles, coat traits, colour, experience, reputation etc. The stud fee is generally payable at the time of the first successful tie or insemination.

How long can a dog be a stud?


Male dogs can be fertile as young as 4 months of age and maintain fertility into their senior years. Our most experienced and highly sought after poodle stud dog is 5 years old and has recently produced his best semen collection. Normally, this male would produce a sample with a count of around 350 million sperm; however his most recent collection exceeded 900 million which is extraordinary for a small male.

It’s not recommended to breed with a male dog that is less than 8 months of age. Many dogs are fully fertile from 10-12 months of age and semen can be collected and analysed to ensure they are fertile.

Can I stud my dog without papers?

Dogs can be offered at stud without papers. Stud dog owners do not have to be registered breeders or affiliated with the ANKC in order to offer their stud dog services.

At what age is a male dog fertile?


Male dogs can be fertile as young as 4 months of age however breeders generally wait till the dog has passed all his health testing. Hip scoring is usually carried out at 10-12 months of age and DNA testing can be done at any age. 12 months of age is considered acceptable for a stud dog to start servicing bitches.

How do I start studding my dog?

Coat colour genetics - phantom poodle stud
Get your stud DNA tested

Before offering your dog at stud, you’ll need to organise a DNA test. DNA testing is a simple process that costs around $250, takes 2-4 weeks for results and will provide you with an insight into what diseases and coat traits that your dog carries. This is important information to have before studding your dog; it enables you to make the most ethical and informed decisions about what females will be genetically compatible with him to produce healthy puppies.

Clients will also want to see a semen quality report that has been carried out by a reproduction specialist vet. The semen is analysed for quality, sperm count, motility and volume.

Once your stud has been health tested, you can advertise him on a stud dog directory to find clients.

Is it OK for a 1 year old dog to get pregnant?

In NSW, Australia the youngest age a female dog can legally be pregnant is 1 year old. She should not be mated prior to turning 12 months of age. Check with your local council or relevant state legislation to find out the age a female dog can become pregnant. Smaller dogs mature more quickly than large dogs and therefore it’s not recommended to breed a medium to large dog until they are at least 18 months old.

Can a 7 month old dog produce sperm?

Male dogs can be fertile from as young as 4 months of age but don’t reach their full fertility until 10-12 months of age.

How do I know if my male dog wants to mate?

A male dog that wants to mate will mount a female and proceed to hump her. Females that are not on heat will often punish the male for mounting them and are generally only receptive when they have ovulated. Humping behaviour doesn’t always mean that a male wants to mate; it’s common for males and females to hump legs, toys, beds etc when they are frustrated and seeking an outlet for their frustration or excitement.

How do you know if a dog mating is successful?


A natural dog mating is successful if a tie is achieved. A tie occurs when the male and female become stuck together for 10-30 minutes. However, it’s important to understand that a slip mating, where the dogs don’t get stuck together in a tie can still be successful and result in pregnancy. Most stud dog owners and breeders aim to get a tie and failing achieving that artificial insemination is used to ensure semen is deposited at the cervix.

28 days after the first mating or AI you can get an ultrasound to see if your dog mating was successful. Alternatively, you can wait till 8 weeks after the tie or insemination and do an X ray to check for pregnancy and the number of puppies.

What do you need to stud a dog?

To be an ethical stud dog owner, you need to get your stud dog health checked, DNA tested and any other relevant breed health screening should be carried out such as hip and elbow scoring. If you’re going to be offering matings, you will also need a clean, large outdoor space where the stud service can take place. Often female dogs will feel more comfortable in an outdoor space, where it is a more neutral territory than in the stud’s home, where the female might feel threatened and trapped.

Final thoughts

Anyone can stud out their male dog but to provide an ethical stud dog service, the male dog owner should carry out all relevant breed health screening and DNA testing. Similarly, if you’re looking for a stud dog; searching for the cheapest stud fee or the nearest stud to where you live, might deliver an incompatible or subpar stud. To produce a healthy litter of puppies there are many considerations and selecting the best, most compatible stud dog for your female is one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make.

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