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FAQ about how to breed dogs & booking a stud

Where are you located?

Penrith, NSW, Australia for matings and fresh AI. We can ship chilled and frozen semen Australia wide including Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide etc.

Will I get a copy of the stud’s DNA test results and hip and elbow scores?

Yes, once the stud fee is paid we provide our clients with their sire’s health test results (Orivet DNA test results & Hip and Elbow scores) which they can then pass on to their new puppy owners.

How do I know when my female is ready to mate?

Dogs cycle twice a year, usually every 6 months and first come into season around 6-15 months of age. It’s important to check your girl daily for signs of bleeding when she’s due in season, this will help you to navigate her cycle and determine the time of ovulation and optimal time for mating. Her vulva will swell before she comes in and wiping her vulva with a white tissue daily can help to determine when she starts to bleed.

Dogs normally ovulate around day 9 of bleeding but it can vary (though less common, we have seen some females ovulating late in their breeding cycle, around day 16). Due to this variation and inherent guesswork in ascertaining the timing of ovulation, we recommend progesterone testing to accurately identify the most fertile days for your girl to visit for her matings. The blood generally lessens and goes from bright red to a diluted/straw like colour but not always. Some female dogs will also commence flagging (pulling their tail to one side) when they are ready to mate with a stud.

What is progesterone testing and why is it important?

Progesterone is the hormone which is produced from the ovary of the female dog when she is ovulating. A simple blood test carried out a vet clinic that specialises in reproduction is analysed and tells us exactly when is the ideal to mate to maximise our chances of a pregnancy. If you’re confident that you’ve noticed the first days of bleeding, a progesterone test is done around day 9 of bleeding.

Our tip would be to find a vet that specialises in reproduction and does in house progesterone testing, to ensure you receive the result within 1.5 hours or so. Many vets will offer progesterone testing but send the blood away for analysis and you’ll get the result the next day, which is sometimes too late. We highly recommend Colyton vet who charges approximately $50 for in house progesterone testing and has the result within 1.5 hours. There is also now an option to pay an additional fee and get a result within 30 minutes.

How much are dog stud fees in Australia?

Stud fees vary depending on the quality, number of matings offered, experience of stud, health testing results and how in demand the stud dog is. For our stud dog service fees please refer to individual listings in our stud dog directory.

What is included in the stud fee?

The stud fee includes up to two matings or inseminations – usually separated by a day. For example if a mating occurs on day 10 of your girl’s cycle, we’d do another on day 12 (sometimes back to back days depending on the progesterone readings).

Do you offer artificial insemination services?

We offer onsite AI, where we collect semen from our stud and do a transvaginal insemination at no extra charge. Alternatively, we can meet at our local vet who offers transcervical insemination (TCI) – at your cost.

What do you accept for payment and when is it due?

Payment is due upfront at time of first tie or insemination – no bank transfers, credit cards, cheques or part payments. Payment is due at time of the first successful mating (tie) or insemination before the female leaves our premises.

What happens if my dog does not fall pregnant?

If your dog doesn’t fall pregnant we offer a return service on her next cycle upon receipt of a vet letter stating that she is not pregnant (letter must include female’s microchip number). This letter is required to be lodged with us, within 8 weeks from the time of mating or insemination. Our stud dogs are very experienced and have proven themselves siring over 20 litters. The single most common cause of infertility in bitches is not medical but simply mistiming of mating hence why we strongly recommend progesterone testing.

How long does the stud service process take and will my female stay with you for a few days?

Usually when the female is ready to mate our stud dog will mate (tie) within 10 minutes of them meeting and they stay locked together for about 15-30 minutes. We also offer on site artificial insemination for larger females or dogs that cannot be mated because they are anxious, this takes 20-30 minutes. We don’t offer boarding for females as this can be stressful for our boys and the girl that is being left in an unfamiliar place.

How many puppies can I expect in a litter?

Our studs average 6+ puppies in a litter. Small females including breeds such as toy poodles, maltese terriers, cavoodles, cavalier King Charles spaniels, moodles, west highland white terriers, bichons, spoodles and cocker spaniels average around 4-8 puppies in a litter. Larger females such as border collies, golden retrievers, groodles, bordoodles, Labrador retrievers and labradoodles generally average from 8-11 puppies in a litter. The number of puppies in a litter is dependent on the timing of the mating, the number of eggs the female is releasing and therefore varies from female to female and cycle to cycle – click here to find out more about the basics of dog breeding.

Red toy poodle puppies
Our red toy poodle stud produced this stunning litter of purebred toy poodle puppies.

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