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Best Cavoodle Stud Service, Sydney, NSW - 10 Tips to Success

Finding a Cavoodle Stud Service involves doing your due diligence to ensure you’re working with an ethical breeder who offers fully health-tested stud dogs. Similarly, it’s important to understand how certain coat traits are inherited, to ensure that you’ll be breeding a litter of Cavoodle puppies that are non-shedding and teddy bear coated.

double furnished stud dog
Our tiny 2.7kg mahogany ruby red double-furnished Toy Poodle stud is our most popular Toy Cavoodle Stud Service.

We share how to organise a date with our Cavoodle Stud Dogs and top tips to ensure your breeding is a success.

Looking for a Cavoodle Stud Service and wanting to ensure your puppies won’t shed?

cavoodle stud sydney
Our Cavoodle Stud Sydney , NSW – fathers ruby red Cavoodle puppies that are teddy bear coated and non-shedding

We have four handsome Toy and Mini Poodle studs that are offered to ethical breeders for Cavoodle Stud Service. If you’re wanting to breed a litter of Teddy bear coated Cavoodle puppies, it’s important to understand how Cavoodle coat traits are inherited and the genetics of the Cavoodle Stud Service you’re considering using. All of our studs are suitable to be bred with Cavoodle females as they are double furnished, meaning they cannot produce short-haired Cavoodles that shed. Read more about why furnishing genes are important in Cavoodle breeding.

Where is your Cavoodle Stud Service located?

Our Cavoodle Stud Service is located in Sydney, NSW, Australia. A short drive from the Central Coast, Wollongong and Canberra. For clients in Melbourne, Brisbane and surrounds we can ship semen. We offer natural matings and artificial insemination. We can also arrange for chilled semen and frozen semen to be shipped from our Cavoodle studs.

How do I organise a date with my girl for your Cavoodle Stud Service?

cavoodle stud melbourne
An example of a 5-week-old fleece-coated ruby Cavoodle puppy sired by one of our stud dogs.

It’s important to check your girl daily for signs of bleeding when she’s due on heat – to ensure you’re able to navigate her cycle and determine the time of ovulation. Dogs generally have a cycle (period) twice a year, usually every 6 months and first come into season from 6-12 months of age. They normally start to ovulate around day 9 of bleeding but it can vary (have seen ovulation occur as early as day 5 and as late as day 16.

How do I know when my dog is ready to meet your Cavoodle Stud?

The blood generally lessens and goes from bright red to a diluted/straw-like colour but this is not always the case. They will usually also swell up more and will start flagging (pulling their tail to one side).

Due to the variation between female dogs and their breeding cycles, progesterone blood testing is recommended. This is done at the vet to determine if and when a female is ovulating. The first blood test is done around day 5-9 of bleeding. Colyton vet charges approximately $60 for in-house progesterone testing and generally has the result available within 1.5 hours. It’s not uncommon for clients to do 2-4 progesterone tests to ensure breeding is done at the optimal time (once ovulation has occurred, the eggs take two days to ripen and this is the best time to mate or inseminate to achieve a large litter size).

What happens when we visit for the Cavoodle Stud Service?

cavoodle stud canberra
Another adorable Cavoodle puppy sired by our Cavoodle Stud Dog Service.

When the female is ready, you bring her to visit our Cavoodle Stud. We have a dedicated outdoor, clean, fully fenced and concreted area where the dogs can get to know each other. Some girls take 20-30 minutes to feel comfortable with the stud dog and surroundings. Our studs will usually mate(tie) within 10 minutes of the female meeting for the Cavoodle Stud Service and they stay stuck together for anywhere between 10-30 minutes.

What does your Cavoodle Stud Service fee include?

The stud fee includes up to two matings – over consecutive days or separated by a day (depending on your female’s progesterone levels). So if for example, your female ovulates on day 9-10 and we get a mating on day 10 we’d attempt another on day 11 or 12.

You would normally bring her to our Cavoodle stud at our property in Sydney, NSW. If travel to Colyton vet is required for AI (artificial insemination) or TCI (trans-cervical insemination) that is an additional $100 per trip, this is not included in the stud fee, nor are any of the vet costs associated with the insemination which must be paid by the owner of the female.

How much are your Cavoodle Stud Service fees?

cavoodle stud central coast
Our Cavoodle Stud Dog Services are located in Sydney NSW, a short drive from the Central Coast, Wollongong and Canberra.

Our Cavoodle Stud Service fees currently range in price from $500 up to $800 depending on your preference of stud. We have four fully health-tested, DNA and hip-scored, proven and suitable stud dogs that are offered for Cavoodle Stud Service with small, ethical breeders in Sydney, NSW and Australia-wide.

What happens if our Cavoodle doesn’t fall pregnant?

If your Cavoodle doesn’t fall pregnant you get one free return Cavoodle Stud Service on her next cycle providing a vet letter stating that an X ray has been carried out (no later than 7.5-8 weeks post mating/insemination) and she isn’t pregnant is required to be emailed to stud dog owner within 8 weeks from the time of the first mating or insemination. The vet letter must include the female dog’s name, breed and microchip number. An X-ray is to be conducted by a vet no later than 7.5 – 8 weeks post-mating/insemination. 

Our Cavoodle Stud Service only offers highly experienced and proven sires to over 100 litters. Our Cavoodle Studs’ semen is regularly analysed by our reproduction specialist vet for concentration, quality and motility.

What payment methods do you accept for your Cavoodle Stud Service?

furnished oodle puppy
Our mahogany red Cavoodle Stud Service produces stunning rich ruby red coloured Cavoodle Puppies.

Payment for your Cavoodle Stud Service is by cash, as it is instant – no part payments, cheques or transfers are accepted on the day of the service. Payment is due at the time of the first successful mating (tie) or insemination. Payment by bank transfer is also accepted but must be arranged before the day of the mating or insemination to ensure it clears into our account before the meeting.

All stud fee prices listed include GST and a tax invoice for your Cavoodle Stud Service will be provided with the stud’s health testing documents.

How do I organise chilled semen to be shipped to me from your Cavoodle Stud?

You will need to organise a courier to collect the chilled semen from our reproduction specialist vet in Colyton, NSW and for them to then transport the semen to your vet if you’re in NSW. Alternatively, the courier can lodge the esky at the airport for the next available flight, and the semen can be shipped to Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide etc.

Payment for chilled semen (where we don’t meet and semen is shipped to you or your reproduction specialist vet), must be received (cleared in our account) before chilled semen is processed and shipped – payment is accepted by bank transfer for this. 

How long does chilled semen from your Cavoodle Stud last once collected and chilled?

cavoodle stud service NSW
Fleece-coated Cavoodle puppies sired by our stud dogs are non-shedding with luxuriously soft teddy bear coats.

If appropriately stored, our Cavoodle Stud’s chilled semen lasts 3-5 days once collected and chilled. Chilled semen is still fresh semen with an extender added to keep it alive, it is not frozen semen.

How do I organise frozen semen to be shipped to me from your Cavoodle Stud?

We recommend contacting Sires On Ice for a transportation quote. All of our Cavoodle Stud Service frozen semen is collected and stored at Colyton Vet and once purchased from us, can be released for transport to your reproduction specialist vet, anywhere in Australia or abroad.

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An example of a typical Ruby Red Fleece coated Cavoodle puppy sired by our highly sought-after stud dog, ‘Piccolo’.

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