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The home of fully health tested (Hip Scored, DNA Clear of diseases), Double Furnished Genetic Coat Traits, proven stud dogs that consistently produce quality puppies for ethical breeders in Australia.

Stud Services for Oodles and Purebreds.

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Reliable Studs | Registered Breeders

Poodle, Cavoodle & Oodle Stud Dog Services include natural matings, artificial insemination (AI), transcervical insemination (TCI), surgical implant, chilled and frozen semen collections.

We are registered breeders and comply with the state dog breeding legislation.

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Health Tested

Our cavoodle and purebred toy poodle studs are fully health tested including DNA tested clear of all diseases and hip and elbow scored with better than breed average results. Proven sires with hypoallergenic coats that do not shed.

Australia Wide

We are located in Sydney for natural matings and onsite AI. We can also meet at our local vet who specialises in reproduction. Frozen semen is stored at Colyton Vet for immediate shipping. We ship chilled and frozen semen to Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Australia wide.

All Breeds Welcome

Our stud dogs have been bred with maltese terriers, labradors, golden retrievers, dachshunds, cavalier king charles spaniels, cocker spaniels, cavoodles and border collies to produce low to non shedding mini groodle, aussie doodle, bordoodle, moodle, cavoodle, spoodle and labradoodle puppies for breeders all over Australia.

Stud Dogs

Who We Are

Poodle, Cavoodle & Oodle Stud Dog Services’ success depends on the health and happiness of our stud dogs. We take great pride in the care of our studs and feed them a balanced human-grade diet that includes raw meats, bones, vegetables and supplements to boost fertility and wellness.

Poodle Cavoodle Oodle Stud Dogs

Piccolo (CLick Here)

Red Toy Poodle Stud (4.5Kg)

Cavoodle Stud Dog Sydney NSW


2.8kg Tiny Toy Poodle Stud


astro (CLICK HERE)

Red Toy Poodle Stud (3.7kg)

Chocolate poodle stud Sydney, NSW


Chocolate Parti Miniature Poodle Stud (5.5kg)

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Dog Breeding Basics

Timing is everything!

There are many reasons why people decide to breed their dog and in doing so become a dog breeder. If you’re considering breeding your dog it’s important to consider the time and effort that goes in to preparing a female dog to carry a litter (optimum nutrition, relevant health testing, adequate space, time and finances for vet bills), the mating process (selection of a healthy, fertile stud, determining the best time to mate), care during pregnancy, whelping and raising of the litter (nutrition, training, socialisation, vaccinations, microchips, worming, flea treatment etc) from birth till the time they leave at 8 weeks old. With becoming a dog breeder comes the responsibility and commitment to the health and welfare of the puppies you breed from finding them suitable homes to supporting new owners throughout the life of the dog.

Dog Breeding Basics

If you’re planning to mate your female, timing is critical to achieving a successful outcome and you should check your dog daily for signs of swollen vulva and bleeding. We recommend progesterone testing to determine the optimum time to breed. Progesterone is the hormone which is produced from the ovary of the female dog when she is ovulating. This simple blood test indicates when it’s the ideal to mate or AI in order to maximise our chances of a pregnancy and number of puppies. Learn more about cycles and progesterone testing here.

Book a stud

Contact us to book one of our stud dogs. Our stud dogs have a reputation for producing beautiful puppies and bookings are often essential to secure your spot. We’re happy to help in any way we can! Having 30 years of breeding experience and a passion for dogs, we enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience with others.

Mating or AI

Natural mating and AI are equally successful

When your female is ovulating make an appointment to visit our stud in Penrith, NSW. We also offer on site artificial insemination for larger females or dogs that are unable to mate naturally for whatever reason. The process takes 20-30 minutes. For interstate clients we can organise chilled and or frozen semen to be shipped to you for insemination by a vet specialising in reproduction.


High success rate – Average litter size of 7+

4 weeks after the mating or insemination an experienced vet will be able to detect a pregnancy on ultrasound. An X ray can be performed at 8 weeks gestation to accurately determine the number of puppies. Our success rate is 98% for both natural and AI. If your dog doesn’t fall pregnant we offer ONE return service on her next cycle.


Who We Are

A family who loves dogs

With more than 30 years of breeding, training, puppy raising and competing (conformation & obedience) we enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience with the wider dog breeding community and welcome new breeders who aspire to be ethical and responsible in their breeding practices. We are passionate about offering Poodle, Cavoodle & Oodle Stud Dog Services to ethical breeders in Australia.

Studs’ Puppies

Some Recent Litters

Poodle, Cavoodle & Oodle Stud Dog Services are renowned for producing beautiful teddy bear-coated puppies with an average litter size of 6-9 puppies.


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein

Timing and planning is everything when it comes to producing a successful litter of puppies.


If you plan to breed puppies, your female needs to be in good health. She should be up to date with her vaccinations, worming & flea treatment. We also recommend DNA testing to know what colours and potential diseases you’re working with. Our stud dogs are DNA clear of all diseases currently known to be associated with their respective breeds, therefore there is no risk of puppies being affected by DNA testable diseases regardless of what your girl carries. Our studs are also hip scored with better than breed average results, as a breeder this is important to consider as hip and elbow dysplasia negatively affects a dogs quality of life and surgery is costly.


Some things to consider when selecting your stud:

  • To reduce the amount of shedding, consider a purebred poodle stud.
  • Utilise AI with a small yet sturdy stud, to reduce the size of dog produced.
  • To produce a calmer dog, use a stud that is confident and calm.
  • Research coat colour genetics to achieve your desired colours. We are happy to help with this.

Get organised

  • Carry out any health testing associated with your breed such as DNA tests, hip and elbow scores and any other relevant vet checks.
  • Locate your nearest vet that specialises in reproduction and does in-house progesterone testing (Vet links at bottom of page) where you have the result in around an hour. Most vets send blood away to pathology and you receive the result the next day, which can sometimes be too late.

Book a stud

  • Contact us when your female starts to bleed. It’s important to check her daily for signs of bleeding and swelling. Missing the first days of bleeding will make it difficult to work out her most fertile days,
  • When your female is ovulating (confirmed by progesterone testing), we can book in a time to meet with our stud for a mating. Up to two matings will be carried out on consecutive days or separated by a day, depending on progesterone readings.

Our Numbers

Some of The Cool Facts About Us

Our stud dogs’ semen is regularly analysed by a reproductive specialist vet to ensure our clients receive a premium service. Semen analysis conducted in May 2021 by a vet specialising in reproduction found our studs have an average sperm count & volume in the range from 300 million to 600 million in a volume consisting of 6 to 10mL per collection, our boys scored 5/5 for motility and semen quality was rated excellent. Learn more about stud fertility and how much semen is required to get a dog pregnant here.

Poodle, Cavoodle & Oodle Stud Dog Services are priced from $500-$800 and that fee includes up to two matings or inseminations with our fully heath tested studs and the benefit of our 30 years experience & knowledge in dog breeding. If necessary onsite artificial insemination is available at no extra charge.

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