Chocolate Mini Poodle Stud

Introducing 'Cino' our stunning Chocolate & White Parti Miniature Poodle Stud Dog


Chocolate & White Mini Poodle Stud

Our Chocolate & White Mini Poodle Stud is located in Sydney, NSW, Australia

Health testing

Cino has passed extensive health testing including DNA testing (clear of all diseases associated with the mini poodle), breed profiling (certified by Embark to be a purebred miniature poodle), no luxating patellars, perfect scissor bite, good heart and clear eyes . Additionally, he has been PennHIP scored (with better than breed average hips and deemed at low risk of developing hip dysplasia). We are now offering Cino at public stud to a limited number of small, ethical breeders.

Chocolate Miniature Poodle Health Tested

Fully Health Tested Chocolate Parti Miniature Poodle Stud

Experienced sire

Cino is a proven sire with several confirmed pregnancies under his belt. He has proven himself to be reliable for natural matings (with similar size females), onsite artificial insemination (no extra cost), fresh semen collections at our local reproduction specialist vet, chilled semen and frozen semen for interstate and international clients.

Dog pregnant with our stud's puppies

Stud Client’s dog pregnant with puppies

Colour Genetics

Being a chocolate and white parti coloured mini poodle who also carries red and phantom, Cino can produce a rainbow of colours.

'Cino' our chocolate mini poodle stud

‘Cino’ our chocolate mini poodle stud

Colour genetic profile – Ee (red), bb (chocolate), KbKy (phantom), atat (tan points), spsp (parti colour), mm (no merle).

We have experience and knowledge in interpreting colour genetics and are happy to advise possible colour combinations for your planned breeding.

Furnishings & Improper Coat Gene RSPO2 (Teddy Bear Coat Genetics)


Smooth coated breeds like the cavalier king charles spaniel, labrador, golden retriever and some oodle mixes like cavoodles, groodles, bordoodles, labradoodles etc carry two copies of a gene known as the ‘improper coat’ gene. This gene was first discovered in the Portuguese Water Dog, which is a largely teddy bear coated breed. Therefore when breeders occasionally had litters where 25% of the puppies were smooth coated, they hypothesised that a recessive gene might be involved. This lead to the investigation of  genes responsible for producing teddy bear and smooth coated dogs. It was discovered that an insertion in the RSPO2 gene correlated with the improper (smooth, shedding) coat type.

Smooth coated Groodle puppy

Example of a second generation groodle puppy that carries two copies of the improper coat gene and will be a heavy shedder

As breeders ourselves, we aim to produce puppies that will meet our clients needs. Our goal is to produce non-shedding puppies and therefore all of our studs have been tested for the improper coat gene. We recently retired our f1b cavoodle stud, because he carried one copy of the improper coat gene, which meant that when he was paired with other poodle mixes that also carried a copy of improper coat like cavoodles, groodles, labradoodles etc, the litter would be comprised of 25% smooth coated puppies. If you’re considering breeding your poodle mix, it’s important to find an oodle stud that doesn’t carry the improper coat gene, unless you want to risk producing a litter that contains 25% smooth coated, heavy shedding puppies.

Responding to new scientific developments in dog breeding

Armed with this genetic information about our cavoodle stud, we decided to desex and retire him from breeding. In a fast changing market, with less demand for companion animals, we believed it wasn’t ethical to be offering a stud that would likely produce puppies that were less desirable to buyers, increasing the likelihood that such puppies would have difficulty finding and keeping good homes for their lifetimes. After all, one of the most desired features of designer breeds like cavoodles, spoodles, bordoodles, labradoodles, groodles, bernedoodles etc is that they look like a cuddly teddy bear and experience little to no shedding.

DNA testing in dogs

DNA testing in dogs provides information about the traits our dogs carry which might not be visible in the way they look but can be produced in their offspring

Cino carries two copies of the furnishing gene (RSPO2) and no copies of the improper coat gene, meaning he cannot produce smooth coated puppies. This is something to consider if you have a poodle mix female that you’re looking to breed; first generation dogs will carry one copy of the improper coat gene, and when paired with your female, you will get 25% of the litter being smooth coated (like a cavalier king charles, labrador etc – heavy shedders). If this is something you want to avoid, ensure you use a stud that has been tested for the improper coat and furnishing genes. Keep in mind, despite your female or a stud having a teddy bear coat, they can still be carrying the improper coat gene.

Likelihood of a Poodle-mix carrying Improper Coat

All first generation crosses (cavoodles, labradoodles, groodles, spoodles, bordoodles etc), inherit a copy of the improper coat gene from their smooth coated parent. To complicate things further, poodles can carry the improper coat gene – hence why DNA testing all potential stud dogs for the RSPO2 insertion is critical. Furthermore, all f1b generation and second generation dogs have at least a 50% chance of inheriting the improper coat gene. We thought our f1b cavoodle stud would produce teddy bear, non-shedding coats because his coat was a thick wool. When bred with first and second generation teddy bear coated females, we were confused when they would produce 25% smooth coated puppies in a litter. We then discovered the testing for the RSPO2 insertion and found that he carried the improper coat gene and when paired with females that also carried it (which is all first generation crosses), they produced 25% smooth coated puppies and 75% teddy bear coated pups.

Miniature Poodle Stud Service Sydney

Miniature Poodle Stud Service Sydney

Shedding Genes

Cino does not carry the shedding gene (MC5R) meaning his puppies are likely to be low to non-shedding. Carrying no shedding genes combined with his lack of improper coat genes, double furnishing gene status, means his puppies are highly likely to be hypoallergenic.


Cino plays fetch, maintains eye contact and has a great on and off switch. He loves his food and toys, making him easy to motivate in any field of dog training. His calm, calming disposition means that he would make a wonderful therapy dog and we are looking to channel his training in this direction. Cino enjoys a diverse range of environments, including daily walks, loves water and partakes in his daily enrichment activities such as stuffed Kongs, food puzzles, snuffle mat searching, raw meaty bones etc.

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